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Pay for Products & Services

OneCards use declining balance technology similar to a debit card, but without the fees. You can load funds directly onto your card in a variety of different accounts. When you pay for services and products, the amount is deducted from your balance when you swipe.

TMU Eats

The TMU Eats (TMU Eats Fund) is exclusively for food purchases and available to all faculty and staff. You can load any amount into your TMU Eats Fund to spend at:

You can also learn more about the options for Meal Plans, pricing and more for unlimited access to Pitman and ILLC Dining Halls.

Dine and Vend

The Dine and Vend Fund allows you the flexibility to make purchases across the campus, including at the Campus Bookstore to purchase supplies, books, stationery and more. You can also use this account to purchase food at:

  • TMU Eats campus eateries and coffee kiosks, including drop-in fees for all you care to eat at Pitman and ILC Dining Halls; and
  • participating retailers, including Balzac's, Oakham CafĂ© and Ram in the Rye.


Faculty and staff can also purchase stand-alone, multi-use CashCards. These non-ID cards can be used for general campus services like  photocopying and more. Once you obtain a CashCard, you can continuously add funds for your needs.