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Check Your Balance

Every time you use your card to purchase something, your balance as of that transaction is displayed on the payment device. You can also check your OneCard balance in a number of other ways:

There are a variety of pay per use machines like laser printers and photocopiers that use electronic card readers. When you swipe your card through the reader to pay, the display will show the present the balance on your account, deduct the purchase and display the remaining balance.

You may request that cashiers at any point of sale machine provide you with your balance (e.g. campus eateries, Campus Bookstore, ARC shops, etc.).

You can check your balance at PHIL machines located across the campus. Follow the screen prompts on the display.

Watch the PHIL machine tutorial.

PHIL machine locations

To locate a PHIL machine, please visit the TMU campus map.


If you have any questions about how to check your balance, please contact the OneCard office.