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Recommended Hardware

Multiple Cameras facing up


Today’s smartphones have great built in cameras. If you have a DSLR, that’s a bonus! If your computer doesn’t come with a great built-in camera, you can also introduce a separate device.


  • AVerMedia (Best Buy: $90-$100)



Audio is often an afterthought in a video presentation or production even though it plays an integral role (50%) in communicating concepts and ideas. If the audio is not clean and clear, you will lose your audience.


  • Blue Yeti (Amazon: $170 - $250)
  • Shure , external link(Amazon: $150 - $200)
  • Blue Snowball (Amazon: $250)
  • Apple earbuds (Apple: $250-$350)



If you would like to record yourself on a separate camera, they will need something that will hold the camera steady and at the appropriate height. If you are standing, you should have a tripod that is at least 60 inches and has a smartphone mount.




Natural light is great if available. If possible, face a window. If no natural light is available, it is recommended to get an appropriate light source.


  • UBeesize Ring Light (Amazon: $30-35)
  • Geekotot / Mountdog / Neewer Softbox Light (Amazon: $60 - $150)


Green Screen

A green screen, also known as chroma key, is for those who would like to experiment with different backgrounds.  Most options will require stands to set up the screen.  Two important notes: (1) have some distance between your subject and the screen and make sure the screen is evenly lit so that all the green is removed. (2) Don’t wear green!




Zoom is the obvious first choice since by now most faculty members are familiar with the platform.  However, there are many other options available to engage with students, that are all free and easy to use.