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Meet Our Team

Allen Goss Headshot
Dr. Allen Goss

Associate Dean, Student Services

Dr. Allen Goss is a Faculty member in the School of Accounting and Finance at the Ted Rogers School of Management, and Associate Dean of Student Services.

He also serves as the Academic Lead for Hub Insights, and in this capacity, works closely with the Ted Rogers Faculty to identify opportunities to leverage and learn from our employment data.


Graham Sogawa Headshot
Graham Sogawa

Executive Director

Graham Sogawa is the Executive Director and the strategic lead for the Business Career Hub (BCH) at the Ted Rogers School of Management. He oversees six divisions including alumni services, bootcamps, career services, co-operative  education, corporate partnership development and executive education. 

BCH supports close to 13,000 students at the Ted Rogers School and plays an critical role in preparing them for leadership roles in industry. 


Donna Muirhead Headshot
Donna Muirhead

Director, Co-operative Education and Careers

Donna Muirhead leads the Ted Rogers Co-op team, supporting over 2,200 students.  She also manages the Careers team within BCH, which has successfully launched several ground-breaking programs like 'Ace this Case', and 'Industry Prep Programs' for students and alumni.  

She is the Managing Editor for Hub Insights.