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Sabrina, Taha, & Melissa

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Sabrina Cruz

Sabrina graduated from the University of Toronto with a focus in math, economics, and statistics in 2020. She can read from a teleprompter, easy-ease keyframes in After Effects, and commit code that kinda works. In other words, Sabrina can do many things as long as you don’t need them to be done well. 

Taha Khan

Taha graduated in 2021 studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics. He has spent the last decade helping online people make cool things. Along the way, he accidentally became an award losing filmmaker, a business consultant, and a funny tweet man. Nowadays, Taha spends his time thinking about whether or not this whole “internet” thing is gonna catch on.

Melissa Fernandes

Melissa graduated from the Creative Industries Program at Toronto Metropolitan University in 2020. She has produced projects with local and international charities, Heritage Canada, and TVO. Melissa is passionate about food, travel, ethical living and all the existential crises that come with it.

Project Description

Answer in Progress

We have a lot of questions, but we’re figuring it out and we’re documenting every step of the way.

We mainly post videos on our YouTube channel (external link)  covering a wide range of topics from Teaching an AI to Solve the Trolley Problem (external link)  to Getting Good Last Minute Gifts (external link) , but we have also brought our chaos to Red Bull (external link) , Google (external link) , and HISTORY (external link) . Maybe we’ll do more stuff in the future but we’re a small team that’s just getting started. All we really want to do is reignite a love of learning in ourselves and our audience.

We want to rekindle people’s curiosity and encourage them to explore it by sharing every stumble and success we face on the way to an answer.