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Mike Regis

Mike Regis is an extremely passionate young black filmmaker from Toronto, Ontario. Mike seeks to find the truth in human relationships in every narrative he creates through his work as a Film Director. With a focus on the Black experience. Mike aims to portray the cultural and societal nuances authentically. Mike’s style is centered around portraying humanity through visual techniques such as production design, lighting, and camera to further provide realism to his characters and story. Mike is an ArtWorksTO and POV 3rd Street Alumni. I’ve even had the pleasure of having my short film “Promotion” featured and produced by CBC.

Artist Statement

My work is fuelled by three core values: community, artistry, and authenticity. Being a Black filmmaker, I have a unique perspective on life, and I aim to deliver a nuanced and impactful approach to filmmaking & storytelling. These experiences can be seen through my work on my films such as, Worst Student Ever and 18th Birthday, where I explore Black men's journey and their experiences within society.