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R. Michael Pickering, CBIP

An expert in AI, data architecture and Cloud solutions, Michael has extensive global IT leadership experience in diverse industries. Before launching CloudConstable he led two successful boutique consulting firms, advising clients such as HSBC, Kraft Foods, and BMI. Recognized as an Intel Software Innovator, he has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Toronto.

Project Description


AVA™, the Animated Virtual Agent by CloudConstable, revolutionizes venue experiences by providing AI-powered visitor engagement. AVA™ stands out with her intuitive, natural conversational interactions and friendly, animated, AI-powered digital personality. Air-touch technology ensures hygienic customer service and safe and fun access to digital content -- to bring visitors back to venues safely. Visitors are immersed into virtual exhibits, galleries, collections, and so on – in an innovative and safe way. Customers can host their own digital content and ingest venue-specific knowledge to best serve their visitors. Soon, visitors at museums and arenas will be able to access interactive gift shop catalogues and engage in virtual 360-degree tours using AVA™. Our state-of-the-art AI technology equips AVA™ to sense and understand visitors, supporting natural interactions and delivering awesome, engaging digital content effortlessly.