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Magalie de Genova

Magalie De Genova is a Canadian, Toronto-based, writer, director, producer and editor that champions female voices and stories. Born in France, she graduated with a Bachelor of Film from the Paris Film School ESEC. She is passionate about creating unique GenZ content that reflects a strong female perspective and explores the complex issues that teens and young adults face today. Her work has garnered over 100 million views worldwide and has screened at numerous festivals including Screamfest, Rhode Island International Film Festival and the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival. Her YouTube channel, MagicCubeTV, currently has over 201,000 subscribers.

Project Description

Weirdos: Season 2

Weirdos is an award-winning, female-driven, teen drama web series following the lives of modern teens at Lakeside High who face and overcome various personal issues from body image, gender identity and sexuality to bullying, grief, depression and more. With moments of levity throughout, the show inspires the next generation to stick together, support each other and to be themselves.

Season 1 of Weirdos garnered over 5 million views on YouTube and 60 million on other social media platforms.