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Karen Walton

Canadian Karen Walton is a celebrated screenwriter-EP, best known as the screenwriter of the original cult horror classic, Ginger Snaps (2000), and Writer-Co-Executive Producer of the first and second seasons of the hit science fiction series, Orphan Black (Bell/BBC America). 

Specializing in irreverent, genre-bending stories about outsiders and outliers, her additional writing credits include Showtime’s Queer As Folk, CTV’s Flashpoint, The Eleventh Hour, The Listener, and The City, CBC’s The Many Trials of One Jane Doe, What It’s Like Being Alone, Straight Up, Drop The Beat, and Heart: The Marilyn Bell Story. She also Executive Produced the debut season of Jill Golick’s hit YA web series, Ruby Skye, P.I.  

In 2016, she was invited to lead the CFC Bell Media Prime Time Television Writers program as Executive Producer-Showrunner In Residence, where she developed her original twist on spy serials, Corridor.  In 2019, she was awarded the first of the CMF Early-Development for Writers investments for her second original adult prime time procedural, Oppo.

In 2007, she founded the acclaimed online Canadian screenwriting community initiative, inkcanada (sic) - canadian screenwriters & their sketchy friends on Facebook, which celebrates free, open user-driven dialogue among scribes of all stripes.  It now boasts over 10 thousand active members, and organically achieved equitable and inclusive representation in voices by its 15th year of operation.

Project Description

The Canadian Screenplay Project

The Canadian Screenplay Project curates and illuminates groundbreaking, produced Canadian Screenplays (and the stories behind getting them written) online. Our aim is to foster the study, appreciation and celebration of truly unique perspectives, visions and craft by screenwriters of all stripes. TCSP is a brand new venture from acclaimed Canadian screenwriter-EP Karen Walton via her company, Inkling Entertainment Inc. Karen is also the founding-Admin of the wildly successful bespoke community, inkcanada - canadian screenwriters & their sketchy friends, which enjoys over 9,000 members and recently celebrated its 14th anniversary of freely connecting and publicly engaging screen-based storytellers in Canada and beyond.