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Kai Little-White

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, and raised between the islands and Canada left me with a global point of view, a love of nature, and a thirst for stories. I love the spectacle and participation of storytelling. 

I am an alumna of the Canadian Film Centre, Berlinale Talent Campus, Children's Media at Centennial, and ReelWorld's Emerging 20.

As a storyteller, 

I use characters and humour to explore themes of: identity, courage, family, relationships, myth, magic, nature, and science all find their way into the stories I tell.

I create media for children and the children at heart. I have worked on over 100 hours of television, feature films, shorts, music videos, commercials, and interactive content. I create because I want to connect with YOU.

Project Description

Storyteller's Lime

Storytellers’ Lime is an interactive narrative podcast for tweens and teens that features the best middle grade and young adult books from storytellers of Caribbean and Latin America (CLA) heritage. This is a space to bring young storytellers together in a lime (a Caribbean hangout /get-together) to celebrate and spark diverse storytelling.

Each episode includes dramatizations with rich soundscapes. Through interactive elements available before and after podcast episodes are published, young storytellers will be able to immerse and engage with the most memorable characters, plots and worlds from evergreen works of CLA authors. Audiences have the opportunity to influence the episodes, engage and learn from the authors, and create and celebrate their own fan fiction, fan art, or even originals.