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Imran Dhanani

Imran is a criminologist, holding a Master's Degree in Criminology and Social Justice. Having grown up as a Muslim in a post-9/11 society, he quickly became fascinated and frustrated with the intersection of racialization, crime, and media. This fascination led him to pursue the study of violent extremism and hate groups during his academic career. However, after becoming disillusioned by the lack of accessibility to criminological issues through traditional media, Imran began to work on projects which aimed at sharing knowledge publicly. Imran has worked on Canadian Civil Liberties Association's "Justice Vs. (external link, opens in new window) " podcast, spearheading the research and development of "Justice vs. Bail". Driven by a need to innovate the academic world, he started the project "ImranCrim" on Twitch which aims to holistically discuss issues relating to crime and justice in an open forum. His efforts as a digital creator culminated in a collaborative 16-hour streamathon for the Get REAL Movement, including artists, academics, and creators of diverse backgrounds. Imran aims to continue growing his abilities as a digital creator, activist, and academic in order to both combat threats to marginalized communities and helping to spread knowledge in new and creative ways.

Project Description


ImranCrim is an interactive live-streaming project on Twitch which aims to break down barriers of access to contemporary academic discourse. By creating content relatable to everyday audiences, ImranCrim explores issues related to crime, justice, and a variety of social issues by taking a collaborative approach and including creators of various backgrounds and disciplines.

Untitled Installation

How do you get from a small neo-Nazi group chat to Ye declaring Deathcon 3 against Jewish people? In a 5-part interactive exhibition designed by Imran and creative partner Jessie Lee (external link, opens in new window) , we take you through the platforms used by far-right hate groups, the influencers behind them, methods of recruitment… and what we can do to stop them.