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Hani Al-Dajane

Hani is a lawyer and an entrepreneur. He started his journey with Yalla back in 2017, starting out as a Youtube channel, followed by an initiative, and now turned into a media business with presence in Canada, the US, and the Middle East North Africa . Hani is driven by the idea that the power to be seen means people can see themselves, and hopes that through building new ecosystems, they can really innovate media and marketing in a way that hasn't been done before.

Project Description


Yalla is a new age media and marketing company. 

Yalla has become a leader in building influencer marketing campaigns with record labels and helping artists break into new markets. 

As a media company, Yalla builds and supports media channels, such as Yalla! Let's Talk (YLT). Amassing over 169,000 followers on instagram, Yalla! Let's Talk. has become a space for Arab and Middle Eastern diaspora, and have recently launched a podcast with host Hani Dajani interviewing notable creators and personas around the world.