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Graeme Burk

When I was in high school, I wanted to be a writer. Spoiler alert: I got to be one.

I tell stories for a living. I'm the author of five books about television and popular culture (one of them was called "Nightmareishly More-ish" by Neil Gaiman). I also produce podcasts, including a podcast about Doctor Who called Reality Bomb (which Doctor Who Magazine praised for its NPR-style quality). I was the recipient of a Canadian Podcasting Award (by default) for the music podcast Deeper Cuts. A long, long time ago I was a finalist for a Writers Guild of Canada prize for new screenwriters. 

Project Description

The Day They Closed My High School

Remember your last year of high school? Remember all the angst of getting

ready for graduation, prom and university? In 1988, in my final year of high

school, I did all that… and I led a campaign to stop the closure of my high school,

organizing a political campaign in an age before social media and smartphones.

We lost… but it changed my life. This is a six-part documentary podcast that tells the story of a group of students, teachers and parents that fought the school board to keep their high school open and how they briefly won the fight. And then lost.