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Music Den

The Music Den is a hub for innovative entrepreneurs in Toronto’s music community, interested in making change and building new models and platforms for creators. Leveraging resources and programming from the Transmedia Zone and the exciting new Music Program, the Music Den brings together entrepreneurs, students and industry veterans to build Canada’s next great music companies. 

Music Den

Member Benefits

Through the Music Den, you will join a unique community of musical entrepreneurs, gaining access to unique mentorship, partnership and growth opportunities. 

The Music Den program works based on your needs and presents a variety of operational benefits learning opportunities, including:

  • Educational workshops
  • Coworking space in downtown Toronto
  • Studios and equipment
  • Conference, pitching 

Program Requirements

The Music Den is looking for projects that exhibit the following criteria:

  • Have an innovative approach to content creation, content management, audience engagement, publishing, distribution, live events, etc.
  • Be focused on solving a real issue (creative, economic or social) in the music industry
, and able to demonstrate evidence of unmet need in the market 
  • Have the desire and potential to grow and scale their company to achieve high impact.