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Hossein Rahnama is shaping the future of A.I.

Quote from Hossein Rahnamat: My research into A.I. uses your heart rate and sleep data to adjust the caffeine levels in  your coffee - and that's just the beginning

Hossein Rahnama’s research into artificial intelligence and contextual computing led to the creation of Flybits, a Toronto-based company that hides the complexity of these developments, enabling enterprises to create and deliver highly personalized consumer experiences that drive digital engagement. Today, Flybits is used around the world by customers in retail banking, insurance, travel and hospitality.

Rahnama’s discovery-based research at the DMZ has fostered an ecosystem that bridges the academic and the entrepreneurial worlds by encouraging students from across disciplines to work together and take innovation to the next level: patents and commercialization.

This environment encourages students to harness innovation and create new algorithms, software and start-up ventures that not only help students reach their career goals, but also help put Canada on the map as a globally competitive contender. Rahnama’s research is transforming the lives of students, businesses and the tech community alike – in Canada and beyond.

Hossein Rahnama
Associate Professor, RTA School of Media, Faculty of Communication & Design
Co-Founder, Ryerson DMZ
Ryerson Graduate (Undergrad, Grad, Post-Grad)
Flybits Founder and CEO (Ryerson Incubated)
Visiting Professor, MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology