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Resilience Training for Students

Students, did you know that 40% of your level of happiness set point is fully under your control? The rest is based on genetics (50%) and life circumstances (10%). This means that you can take greater charge of your life satisfaction by changing what you do and what you think!

From four-part training sessions to single workshops, you can learn how mindfulness, gratitude, optimism, self-compassion, and grit build resilience and happiness. ThriveRU’s offerings help you learn the skills and attitudes to bounce back from challenges and shift your happiness baseline.

This resilience program (mindfulness, optimism, gratitude, self-compassion, and grit) is available upon request by student groups, staff and/or faculty.

You can start anytime, but it is best to take all sessions to get a full understanding of how to bounce back when things go wrong.

Workshop topics include: 

  • Let Your Strengths Inspire You 
  • Changing Habits 
  • Balancing Work and Play 
  • Flow - Achieving Your Optimal Performance
  • Getting the Sleep you Need
  • Growth Mindset

These workshops are not part of a series and can be taken individually - you are welcome to attend all, some, or any one of these workshops depending on your preference.

These workshops are available upon request by student groups, staff and/or faculty. Contact for more information.

Was your last academic year tough? Didn’t get the grades you’d hoped for? Want to do better but don’t know where to start? Thriving in Action can help!