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Discover ‘The Glow Code’: tips and strategies for thriving at any age

Journalism alumna Michelle McIvor launches her first book focused on women’s health and wellness
By: Asmaa Toor
June 04, 2024

Journalism alumna Michelle McIvor (née Magnan) is launching her first book The Glow Code: A Cheat Sheet for Feeling, Looking, and Being Your Best at Any Age. The book, which is available for pre-order now, offers strategies from top scientists, psychologists, makeup artists, and fitness and nutrition authorities  for improving fitness, friendships, creative practices, and more.

A woman in a white blouse smiling for a picture with her hands crossed
A cover image of the book 'The Glow Code' by Michelle McIvor.

“I hope my readers feel informed and empowered to make simple but effective changes that can boost their health, happiness, and well-being. Small tweaks create big impacts, and I hope that inspires women to try The Glow Code advice,” McIvor said. “My book offers an uplifting take on what it means to age as a woman, encouraging us to embrace the journey and be proud at any age. That alone is a message I’m excited to share with readers.”

Writing The Glow Code

McIvor was greatly inspired by her own experience surrounding aging and she created The Glow Code with the goal of empowering women and helping them feel better about their individual aging experiences.

“When I hit 40, I realized there was still so much I had yet to learn about aging. Specifically, how to do it well. Plus, I was sick of the narrative that women become less than as they age,” she said. “I was ready for something different, and I figured that if I felt like that, other women probably did, too. I wrote this cheat sheet to help us all live and feel well for as long as possible and to remind us of our worth and power at any age.”

The Glow Code has received rave reviews from Booklist, Publishers Weekly, and Foreword Reviews. It’s available for preorder from all major book retailers, and will be released on June 18.


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