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International Hubs

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Toronto Met U’s Cairo campus is a satellite campus that offers students in the Middle Eastern and African region a unique opportunity to enrol in one of its programs and earn a Toronto Met U Degree in an environment that emulates the Canadian university experience. The Creative School in Cairo, facilitated by Universities of Canada in Egypt, is offering select programs in Media Production, Sport Media, and Fashion that are connected to leading professional industries locally, and provide students with an education that allows them to emerge as some of the most in-demand and employable graduates than anywhere else in the region.


Led by tight partnerships with local cultural organizations and universities  -- The Creative School's new creative hub in Tuscany is a catalyst for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. The engaging summer experience  allows students of The Creative School to apply their creative thinking to local projects meant to foster the cultural heritage of Etruscan town in Cortona, considered the cultural and artistic center of the Val di Chiana after Arezzo.

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The Creative School London hub introduces students to the local economic market through transatlantic creative projects with local partner universities both in person and virtually. Additionally, students can access an alumni  mentorship group for career advice, job shadowing opportunities and the chance to develop professional connections within the United Kingdom.

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New York

The Creative School and the DMZ, the world’s leading university-based incubator, are working together to launch a new creative hub in the vibrant city of New York. The hub will further connect students  of The Creative School to the global market, while fostering and promoting Canadian innovation at an international level.

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