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The Conduit Research Lab

TL;DR: The Conduit research lab is the direct connection between the video games, esports, and you. 

With video game development and esports broadcast production as two core pillars of focus, the relationship and path to job acquisition via key performance indicators starts here. The Conduit is the place to explore and actively participate in the video games and esports communities that surround the most engaging medium currently available. We are theory in practice.


Dr. Kristopher Alexander

Director of Research: Dr. Kristopher Alexander


A two-time globally ranked video game player turned scholar (Street Fighter 3: Third Strike OE & Lightseekers), and a host on Wisecrack, external link with over 3.1M subscribers, and working alongside companies like Epic Games, external link, Red Bull, external link, and PwC, external link, Dr. Alexander is focused on connecting 


Geoffrey Lachapelle, M.A.

Director of Operations: Geoffrey Lachapelle, M.A.


Also a two-time globally ranked player (Halo 3 & Magic the Gathering), winner of a Canadian Screen Award as a co-producer for The Artists (Gem), external link, co-founder of esports education consultancy IQ esports, external link, and founder of interactive installation gaming company Save State, Mr. Lachapelle is no stranger to connecting people with video games and esports. Via his demonstrated works and direct connection to esports organizations such as Team Liquid,Red Bull, Inven Global, and many more, Mr. Lachapelle is working hard to build new opportunities and avenues for esports growth in Canada and abroad.

The Conduit is the first Research Lab in North America to work alongside Red Bull to develop the future of esports broadcasting via its Red Bull Gaming Lab, a hub for creative practitioners, and game developers alike who seek externally facing legitimacy for their self-defined skillsets.