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Print Media Research Centre

The Print Media Research Centre (PMRC) is a faculty-based Research Centre within the Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD) at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

The Graphic Communications industry is constantly impacted by the advent of new forms of media and communications technologies. The PMRC capitalizes on the infancy of many of these innovations and provides the industry a much-needed objective base for research and development on new, emerging, and future technologies and trends. The PMRC works closely with industry partners to help them achieve their research goals. 

The PMRC can capitalize of government research grants to help industry partners stretch their R&D budgets further, and gives industry access to equipment and resources that they may not have, or simply cannot afford to take out of production just for the sole purpose of conducting. Thanks to the qualified and experienced researchers within the Centre, companies benefit from well planned and executed research with detailed reporting before, during, and after projects.

The PMRC offers a flexible framework, and can customize a research platform for almost any type of research, making it a valuable resource to the industry as a whole. While the PMRC is of particular importance to Canadian entities, many international companies have benefitted from research partnerships as well.


For more information, contact:

Martin Habekost, Director

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