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Media Innovation Research Lab

The Media Innovation Research Lab (MIRL) researches innovation, policies, and conditions in creative industries.  Innovation refers to production of new products, services, and ways of creating value. MIRL provides a platform for the research activities of research director Charles Davis and his collaborators and grad students.  MIRL works closely with the Audience Lab and the Centre for Communicating Knowledge.

Media Innovation Research Lab - Blonde woman with AR/VR headset

Audiences, audience reception, mediated experiential consumption, innovation management, new product development, policy in creative/IT industries, labour and entrepreneurship in creative industries.

·      Audience engagement and explanatory journalism

·      Development of podcast audiences with a not-for-profit cultural institution

·      Mediatization and fear of missing out

·      Media repertoires of micro enterprises

·      Perceived value of a public service broadcaster

·      Co-design of media products and services with early adolescents

Director of the Media Innovation Research Lab

Charles Davis - Director of the Audience Lab

Charles Davis

Charles Davis is a professor in the RTA School of Media and holds the ES Rogers Sr Research Chair in Media Management and Entrepreneurship at Ryerson University. He served as Associate Dean SRC in the former Faculty of Communication & Design from 2011 to 2021.

Dr Davis is especially interested in computational approaches to research on audiences, media uses, and consumption behavior.