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Creativity Everything Lab

The Creativity Everything lab was founded by David Gauntlett, FCAD’s Tier I Canada Research Chair in Creative Innovation and Leadership. As the name suggests, Creativity Everything takes a deliberately broad and inclusive approach to creativity, connecting ideas from a range of disciplines, and seeking to embrace a diverse range of creators and creative practices.

The work of Creativity Everything includes three core themes:

Platforms for creativity – to explore how best to support the development and exchange of ideas and innovation;

Creative identities and leadership – to research new and diverse models of leadership and inspiration;

Public understanding of creative practice – to develop new ways of engaging wider audiences with these issues.

The first of these is primarily about developing ‘platforms for creativity’, which can be any kind of tool, environment or event, online or offline, which fosters creative practice. 

The second one is about building diversity and inspiring role models in maker cultures. 

The third theme is all about public engagement and sharing exciting ideas about creativity with everybody.


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Digital Media




Cultures of Making

Media Impact

Making is Connecting: The social power of creativity, from craft and knitting to digital everything – Second expanded edition (Polity, 2018).

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Director of the Creativity Everything Lab

David Gauntlett - Director of the Creativity Everything Lab

David Gauntlett

David Gauntlett is Canada Research Chair in Creativity at the Faculty of Communication and Design, Ryerson University, Toronto, where he leads the Creativity Everything lab. He is the author of several books, including Creative Explorations (2007), Making Media Studies (2015), and Making is Connecting (2011, second edition 2018). He has made a number of popular online resources, videos and playthings, and has pioneered creative research and workshop methods. He has worked with a number of the world’s leading creative organisations, including the BBC, the British Library, and Tate. For 12 years he has worked with LEGO and the LEGO Foundation on innovation in creativity, play and learning.

Website at, includes extensive resources, blog and videos.