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Audience Lab

The Audience Lab is a research group at The Creative School that investigates contemporary media consumption and user/audience experiences, in particular in emerging areas of digital communication and human-computer interactions. Recent or current projects include research on adoption of smart speakers, audiences for explanatory journalism, and mediatization of micro firms.

FCAD Audience Lab - On the image behind the text is Pepper the robot.


Audience Reception 

Mediated experiential consumption

Innovation management

Policy in Creative/IT industries

Labour and entrepreneurship in creative industries

Watchtime Canada 2019

Director of the Audience Lab

Charles Davis - Director of the Audience Lab

Robert Clapperton

Robert Clapperton is an Assistant Professor in the School of Professional Communication at Toronto Metropolitan University. Robert earned his PhD in English Language and Literature with a Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Science at the University of Waterloo. He specializes in computational linguistics, rhetoric, critical discourse analysis with an emphasis on the critical study of artificial intelligence and natural laguage and natural language understanding in several fields including education, politics, commercial, and social enterprise. Robert's teaching focuses on the digital enterprise and communication research methods. 

Robert has developed a natural language understanding experiental learning platform for teaching and practicing communication, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence. The platform is currently used by universities, corporations, and professional associations across North America.