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Our Community pages showcase a variety of resources such as publications, podcasts, blogs and videos from our Catalyst members. We are working with The Creative School and community members to best determine how to support our graduate students, faculty and researchers.



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Talk Paper Scissors

By Diana Varma


Join host, Diana Varma, as she explores the wonderful world of design and printing, typography and branding, books and publishing. In each episode Diana aims to answer many age-old, deep philosophical questions such as: Where the heck did Comic Sans originate? Why do the majority of printed books have blank pages at the end? What is the world's ugliest colour? What does a sassy three-year-old have to say about the visible colour spectrum? Ready to have some fun? Let's talk paper scissors.

This podcast is a series exploring the creative practices of 17 diverse female artists and discovering the ways in which their experiences intersect. Over the course of 18-episodes there are 9+ hours of conversations with artists in 5 countries and that’s been 3 months in the making. 

In this primer episode, Diana introduces the series, explains how it evolved and shares her creative process to uncover others’ creative processes. You will be introduced to the voices of the 17 artists and their points of intersection are revealed. These are the stories between the stories where common themes, ideas and truths emerge and interweave from past to present to future. 


Anna Lang (Black turtleneck) & Katelyn O'Brien (Plaid shirt)

Map Diagram for Intersection

Romana Kassam

Diana Varma

XJO Podcast Series

XJO Podcast #1 -- Exploring explanatory journalism and healthcare access

In this edition of the XJO podcast, Sama Nemat Allah speaks with researcher Hanako Smith about how explanatory journalism can help the public access virtual healthcare.

XJO Podcast #2 -- Exploring the potential of explanatory journalism

On this episode of the XJO podcast, Sama Nemat Allah sits down with project manager Sibo Chen to talk about the character and potential of explanatory journalism, in the classroom and in the world.

XJO Podcast #3 -- Exploring how explanatory journalism can amplify research

On this edition of the XJO podcast, Sama Nemat Allah talks with project manager Stuart Duncan about how explanatory journalism can amplify quality-research beyond academia, and how analyzing discussions on social media can lead to new research methods.

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Romana Kassam

Romana Kassam


Tanya Pobuda



Jamie Miller

Jamie Miller

Naomi Skwarna

Naomi Skwarna


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Always necessary, never sufficient: Explanatory journalism and the climate emergency

nformation on the global environmental crisis has never been more abundant. And journalists have never had so many ways available to present information. So why are carbon emissions still rising, pollution still spreading and the sixth great extinction still underway? In the first instalment of the Global Journalism Innovation Lab’s three-part Spring Speaker Series, Richard Black considers how explanatory journalism can help make sense of the climate emergency.

Hosted by Dr. Elizabeth Dubois, University of Ottawa.


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