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SCAI Salon: on Creativity

March 25, 2022
1:00 PM EDT - 2:30 PM EDT
Open To
The Creative School Community

The Studio for Creative AI (SCAI) invites you to attend a salon discussion on the question of machine learning and creative practice in conjunction with The Catalyst. Join our guests for a wide-ranging discussion on how the advent of recent machine learning tools bring forth new dimensions of creativity and expression? What is possible, or even desirable, with these new techniques? How can artists guide their use and application? 




Jerrold McGrath

A former program director at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity and Artscape Launchpad, Jerrold McGrath currently serves as managing director at UKAI Projects and founder at Ferment AI. Jerrold was a member of the inaugural Digital Economies Lab and is currently supporting the build of regenerative economies for young creators through a blockmesh structure. 


Edward Powley

Associate Professor in the Games Academy at Falmouth University and independent game developer, Dr. Edward Powley’s research interests are centred on artificial intelligence for games. His current work investigates the use of AI agents as playtesters and assistants in automated game design systems. 


Xavier Snelgrove

A partner at Probably Studio, Xavier Snelgrove works primarily with computer vision techniques in diverse areas such as biomedical imaging and creative tools. He has worked on uncertainty modelling and the explainability of AI at Element AI and cofounded Whirlscape. He explores the role of computation in creative work and uses neural networks to create images.