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Sales Leadership Program Bootcamps

At the Ted Rogers Sales Leadership Program (TRSLP), we know that sales is not a spectator sport and that practice is required to hone our sales skills. We offer our sales students an opportunity to build their skills through sales training. In addition to our intensive two-day sales bootcamp, students have the opportunity to take skill-focused bootcamps.

In October 2020, in collaboration with the TRSLP, the Ryerson Sales Initiative and the Ted Rogers Business Career Hub’s Bootcamps Team launched a series of seven sales bootcamps taught by our sales alumni.

Starting With Why

by Stanley Sik

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how the break the ice and make a strong first impression
  • Discuss the do’s and don’ts of how to build professional and genuine relationships
  • Learn the BANTS methodology of Budget, Authority, Needs, Timeline and Sanity Check
  • Strategically use SPIN selling techniques of Situation, Problem, Implication and Needs Payoff to uncover information about the client and their needs
  • Discover the power of using storytelling to create empathy, trust, credibility and rapport
Sales Leadership Bootcamp - Starting with Why with Stanley Sik

Ace Your Pitch: The Art & Science of Pitching

by Carter Grant

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the “what, “why” and “how” of a business pitch
  • Uncover the key components of a pitch and how to structure it
  • Discover the impact of tone, pace, gravitas when delivering their pitch
  • Learn the importance of using storytelling in a pitch delivery
  • Students will be asked to step (slightly) out of their comfort zone to craft and deliver a pitch
Sales Leadership Bootcamp - Ace Your Pitch with Carter Grant

The Beginner’s Guide to Prospecting

by Francesca Pascazi

Learning Outcomes

  • How to communicate in a client focused manner
  • How to research for relevance
  • How to use measurable business outcomes to persuade
  • Keys to success - components of a successful campaign
  • How to build a campaign
  • The science of prospecting
Sales Leadership Bootcamp - The Beginner's Guide to Prospecting with Francesca Pascazi

Brew a Connection: How to have a Killer Coffee Chat

by Winston Devendrajah

Learning Outcomes

  • Organize and apply structure to networking meeting/chat
  • Research and analyze prospects for key information
  • Gain actionable information from meetings and improve their ability to build a robust network
  • Learn practical techniques to create manage and course-correct conversations
Sales Leadership Bootcamp - Brew a Connection with Winston Devendrarajah

Strategic Networking: How to Connect for Impact

by Sarah Aziz

Learning Outcomes

  • Build rapport and make a lasting first impression
  • Leverage your network to land your dream job
  • Turn basic connections into a valuable, long-term relationship
Sales Leadership Bootcamp - Strategic Networking with Sarah Aziz

Mastering the Sales Process

By Sarah Oliver

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will learn how to implement the stages in the sales process from start to finish
  • Students will learn how to effectively use SPIN questioning and overcome objections
Mastering the Sales Process - Sales Bootcamp by Sarah Oliver

Cracking the Sales Case Interview: A Hands-On Workshop

by Ryan Ing

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how mock sales pitches for your job interviews
  • Learn a sales framework you can apply to any sales call to help you
  • Practice live with two Ted Rogers School alumni working in sales and get live feedback
Cracking the Sales Case Interview - Sales Bootcamp by Ryan Ing