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Awards and Rankings

 International competitions

Year Our university ranked Student name and rank Host
  • 1st Place Spanish Speed Sell (Sebastian Fuentes)
  • Semi-Finalists (Adam Lee Him, Harnoor Khattar, Lauren Mirabella, Sebastian Fuentes, Raza Durrani)
Bryant University
2021 1st Place Runner- Up for overall University out of 24 schools 
  • 2nd place in role play  (Nikola Terzikc)
  • 4th place in speed sell (Adam Lee Him)
  • Top 40 in role play - advanced to the semi-finals (Adam Lee Him, Leora Haslett, Harnoor Khatter, and Nesma Elkady) 
Bryant University
2020 3rd Runner Up University
  • 1st Place Speed Selling (Eric Muellejans)
  • 3rd Place Speed Selling (Sarah Jalal)
  • Finalist Speed Selling (Marco Lau)
  • Finalist Mandarin Speed Selling (Eric Muellejans)
  • Semi Finalist Role Play (Mostafa Abdel Hadi, Katrina Litz, Eric Muellejans and Jackson Scarfe)
2019 1st Place Runner Up University
  • 3rd Place Role Play  (Camilla Racco)
  • 5th Place Speed Selling (Eric Muellejans)
  • Semi Finalist Role Play  (Stanley Sik)
2018 1st Place University Championship
  • 1st Place Role Play (Winston Devendrarajah)
  • 3rd Place Role Play (Sarah Oliver)
  • 1st Place Speed Selling (Winston Devendrarajah)
Year Our university ranked Student name and rank
  •  3rd place in their rooms in Round 1 (Sarah Jalal and Rebecca Anker)
2021 Runner Up University
  • Top 10 Individual Role Play (Mostafa Abdel Hadi & Sarah Jalal)
  • 2nd Place Speed Selling (Rosemarie Burdeos)
Year Student name and rank Host
  • Top 5 Finalist (Barbra Caka)
William Paterson University
  • Toronto Metropolitan University’s Jackson Scarfe achieved the title of Sales Challenge Champion for placing first overall 
  •  1st place overall in the speed sell competition (Jackson Scarfe)
  • 2nd place in the role play competition (Jackson Scarfe)
William Paterson University
  • 6th Place University
  • Top 10 Placement (Camilla Racco)
  • Semi Finalist (Paul Katsetos)
William Paterson University
Year Student name and rank Host
  • Quarter-Finalist (Rebecca Anker, Sebastian Fuentes)
Kennesaw State University
  • Toronto Metropolitan University placed in the Top 10 out of 72 universities
  •  Sweet 16 placement (Nikola Terzic)
  •  Top 24 placement (Jackson Scarfe)
Kennesaw State University
  • Semi Final Placement - Sweet 16 (Jackson Scarfe)
  • Quarter Final Placement (Camilla Racc)
  • Top 5 School Speed Sell Competition (Hamaseh Sobati, Leora Haslett, Harnoor Khatter, Eric Almon)
2020 Top 20% - Quarter Final Placement (Camilla Racco, Eric Muellejans)  
2019 Wildcard Placement (Winston Devendrarajah, Stanley Sik)  
Year Student name and rank Host
  • Quarter-Finalists (Rebecca Anker, Nesma Elkady)
Florida State University
  • Ryerson placed 7th University out of 80 top universities for Role Play Competition
  • Top 12 in role play (Nikola Terzic)
  • Top 16 in role play (Sarah Jalal)
Florida State University
  • Quarter Finalist (Nikola Terzic)
  • Semi-Finalist (Camilla Racco)
Year University rank Student name and rank
2020 Great Canadian Sales Competition
- 2831 Competitors
  • Top 5 - Nikola Terzic
  • Top 25 student (Tina Muradyan)
2019 Great Canadidan Sales Competition
- 4000 Competitors
Top 25 students (Winston Devendrarajah, Tristan Broks)
Year Student rank and name
Winter 2023
  • Top 9 Schools 
  • Regional Champions International (Ifechukwu Agulefo)
Bryant University
Spring 2022
  • Regional Champions International (Melissa ThuDuong)
  • Rising Star (Saghar Malek, Sandy Lam, Brian Vuong, Laurin Paterson)
Bryant University
Winter 2022
  • Roleplay Regional Champion - International (Anthony Digba)
Bryant University
Fall 2021
  • Top 5% - RNMKRS Rising Stars Speed Sell (Daniel Obaji, Allexis Ferrer)
  • Roleplay Regional Champion - International  (Victoria Chan)
Bryant University
  • Rising Star Top 5% (Victoria Chan & Rohit Jagtiani)
  • Top International Student (Victoria Chan)
  • Top 10% - Top School Performance (Victoria Chan)
  • Top 20% (Eric Almon, Jordan Katz, Fernando Marte)
  • Top 30% (Devon Di Iorio, Harnoor Khattar, Simon Pourafrouz, Rodgert Zheng)
Bryant University
  • Top 5% (Gabriele Battista, Parag Dey)
  • Top 15% (Elie Farah-Mina, Sydney Foster)
  • Top 30%  (James Andreola, Juliana Ardila, Jian Chang, Brian Du, Anasofia Heilbron, Nemanja Karadzic, Paul Katsetos)

 Internal competitions

Competition year Student rank and name
  • Top 3 (Rebecca Anker, Resky Tenorio, Nada Hassan)
Competition Year Student rank and name
  • 1st Place (Mostafa Abdel Hadi)
  • 2nd Place (Daniel Obaji)
  • 3rd Place (Adam Lee Him)
  • Top 6 Finalist (Nikola Terzic and Sam Wiseman)
  • 1st Place (Sam Wiseman)
  • 3rd Place (Katrina Litz)
  • Top 5 Finalist (Nikola Terzic)
Competition Year Student rank and name
2019 TEKsystems
  • 1st Place (Sarah Jalal)
  • 2nd Place (Marco Kaho)
  • 3rd Place (Katrina Litz)
2018 TEKsystems
  • 1st Place  (Tristan Broks)
  • 2nd Place (Stanley Sik)
Year Competition Student rank and name
2020 Blitz - DHL Sales Case Competition
  • 1st - Anuj Agarwal
  • 2nd - Leora Haslett
  • 3rd - Jackson Scarfe
  • Top 5 - Nikola Terzic
2019 Blitz - Commscope Sales Case Competition
  • 1st Place (Stanley Sik)
  • 2nd Place (Winston Devendrarajah)
  • 3rd Place (Tristan Broks)
  • 4th Place (Vinh-Son Hoang)
  • 5th Place (Elie Farah-Mina)
Competition Year Student name and rank
  • 1st Place (Leora Haslett)
  • 2nd Place (Rosemarie Burdeos)
  • 3rd Place (Anuj Agarwal)
  • Top 6 Finalists (Resky Tenorio, Nikola Terzic, Sarah Jalal)
Year Competition name
Student name and rank
2019 Ethical Case Competition Sheniese Van Heer, Sarah Aziz, Geoffrey Handelman and Kevin Campbell

 Awards

Awards received by Sales Leadership Program Members

  • HSBC Bank Canada Award (Ali Mehrabi)
  • Martha G. Billes Award (Ali Mehrabi)
  • Dean’s Teaching Award (Recipient: Dr. Karen Peesker)
  • National Shore Sales Challenge - University Coach Runner Up (Recipient: Dr.Karen Peesker)
  • Dennis Mock Leadership Award (Recipient: Sheniese Van Heer)
  • Student Leader of the Year (Recipient: Sheniese Van Heer)
  • Best Academic Event (Ryerson Sales Initiative)
  • Best Growth (Ryerson Sales Initiative)
  • Community Development Award (Recipient: Vivian Le)

Congratulations Dr. Karen Peesker!

2022 Provost's Award for Teaching Excellence

Dr. Peesker demonstrates exceptional and enthusiastic teaching skills in the classroom to bring theory to life.

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