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Frederic Dimanche

Dr. Frederic Dimanche

Director, Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (Sabbatical)
DepartmentHospitality and Tourism Management
OfficeTRS 3-005
Phone(416) 979-5117

Frederic obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Oregon (USA). He then worked as a Professor in the School of Hotel Restaurant and Tourism Administration at the University of New Orleans. After over 15 years in the USA, where he also worked as Research Director of The Olinger Group, a full service marketing research firm, he joined SKEMA Business School in 2001 to create and develop on the French Riviera the Center for Tourism Management and award-winning Master programs in tourism, event, and hospitality management. Frederic joined Ryerson University in 2015.

Frederic has published numerous tourism-related research articles and has co-authored one book (in French) on hospitality management and another one on tourism in Russia. His research has been published in Annals of Tourism Research, the Journal of Travel Research, or the Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, among others.

He has contributed as a guest lecturer or as a consultant to universities, private companies, and national or regional tourism organizations in Canada, France, the USA, and other countries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Frederic is a past President of the Travel and Tourism Research Association Europe., external link, opens in new window

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Marketing, consumer behaviour, destination competitiveness

Peer-reviewed publications

Dubois, L.-E., & Dimanche, F. (2022). Brighter but not clearer: Entertainment-dependent destinations dealing with long COVID. Journal of Themed Experience and Attractions Studies2(1)., external link

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Dimanche, F., & Lo, K. (2022). The elusive search for talent: Skill gaps in the Canadian luxury hotel sector. Tourism and Hospitality, 3(1), 31- 46., external link

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Articles in professional or trade journals & magazines

McClinchey, K. & Dimanche, F. (2021, November 21). Fear of travelling: Canadians need to put travel risk into perspective. The Conversation, external link

Strom, F., & Dimanche, F. (2021, March 31). Retailers in Canada must compete for talent amid challenges due to the pandemic. Retail Insider. Retrieved from, external link

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Forgacs, G., & Dimanche, F. (2016, April 15). How hotels can compete for revenue against the growing threat of Airbnb? Hospitality Net. Retrieved from, external link.

Book contributions

Wright, K.-A., & Dimanche, F. (forthcoming). Canadian immigration policies: Implications for discrimination and biases in tourism employment In S. Slocum (Ed.), Inclusion in tourism: Understanding institutional discrimination and bias. Routledge.

Della Lucia, M., Giudici, E., & Dimanche, F. (2021). Lessons for shared value creation in tourism: The pandemic challenge. In M. Della Lucia & E. Giudici (Eds.), Humanistic management and sustainable tourism: Human, social and environmental challenges. Routledge.

Giberson, J., & Dimanche, F. (2019). Tourism and hospitality insights 16.12: Virtual Reality. In A. Fyall, P. Legohérel, I. Frochot, & Y. Wang, Marketing for Tourism and Hospitality: Collaboration, technology and experiences (pp. 428-430). Routledge.

Andrades, L., & Dimanche, F. (2018). Co-creation of experience value: A tourist behavior approach (Ch. 7). In N. Prebensen, J. Chen, & M. Uysal (Eds.), Creating experience value in tourism (2nd ed., pp. 83-97). CABI.

Dimanche, F., & Andrades, L. (2018). Methodological issues in cross-cultural tourism and hospitality research (Ch. 40). In R. Nunkoo (Ed.), Handbook of research methods in tourism and hospitality management. E. Elgar.

Dodds, R., Dimanche, F., & Sadowski, M. (2018). Planning for growth in islands: The case of Cuba. In M. McLeod & R. Croes (Eds.), Tourism management in warm-water island destinations (pp. 95-107). CABI.

Dimanche, F., & Griffin, T. (2017). Cross-cultural and visual research: Issues and concerns. In E. Sirakaya-Turk, M. Uysal, W. Hammitt, and J. Vaske (Eds.), Research Methods for Leisure, Recreation and Tourism (2nd ed., pp. 228-242). CABI.

​Recently, he has been teaching the following courses:

Undergraduate courses
  • HTM 402 - Strategic Marketing Planning
  • HTT 700 - Current Issues in Hospitality/Tourism - Risk and Crisis Management
  • HTT 700 - Current Issues in Hospitality/Tourism - Luxury Management 
  • HTT 800 - Field Studies in Hospitality and Tourism
Honours & awards
2020    Ryerson’s Associate Vice Provost International's Global Learning Award
2020 Ryerson University Ted Rogers School of Management Outstanding Research Recognition Award
2017 Inducted as a Fellow for the Ontario Hostelry Institute
2013 Elected to the International Academy for the Study of Tourism
2010 University of New Brunswick's Harrison McCain Foundation Research Professor Award