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Hershell Ezrin

Hershell Ezrin is a leading Canadian business executive, political advisor and strategic communications consultant. Over the last three decades, Ezrin has been involved in the private and public sectors, and brings his years of experience to the Ted Rogers School of Management. Appointed as a distinguished visiting professor in September 2013, Ezrin lectures and teaches seminars in various courses, and led the coordination of a public conference for business leaders.

Ezrin has served as CEO of multinational automotive services SMK Speedy Muffler, chairman and CEO of public affairs and strategic communications firm GPC International, and head of corporate and public affairs at Molson Companies Limited. Currently, he is managing director of Tipping Point Solutions, a social media advocacy consultancy, and of Ezrin Communications, a strategic communications group. Throughout his career, Ezrin served as a trusted advisor to political leaders at the federal, provincial and municipal levels. He was a Deputy Minister to a former Premier of Ontario and a former Canadian diplomat. Ezrin also remains active in numerous not-for-profit organizations, including the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and is on the Board of the Canadian Journalism Foundation. 

Distinguished Visiting Professor