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Tribe Of Lambs

Tribe of Lambs logo

Founder: Bobbi Paidel

Website: (external link) 

A for purpose jewelry brand raising funds and awareness for HIV positive children in India.

Tribe of Lambs is a two-fold social venture, providing opportunity for consumers to buy high quality, ethically made products and give charitably to a global issue. Their model offers a platform to use the dollar vote for connection and compassion while simultaneously shedding light on the extremely marginalized group of HIV positive children in the communities where their jewelry is made.

After leaving a career in the fashion industry because of the growing disregard for human and environmental life, founder Bobbi Paidel was constantly looking for brands that had conscious business practices and a triple bottom line. A seven-month trip to northern India awakened a sense of social responsibility to do better for the millions of impoverished and at risk children. HIV positive children and persons face constant challenges in India – perpetuated by rampant discrimination from their governments, communities, and families due to the cultural stigmas and lack of education available to the general society.

Tribe of Lambs contracts small artisan groups to manufacture their jewelry designs while complying with Fair Trade standards. They partner with local NGO’s supporting children and women infected and affected with HIV in the same communities bringing monetary support and empowerment to the children so that their lives may flourish. Furthermore, they connect the consumers to the cause by naming their products after the people impacted through their purchases. These stories are shared and celebrated online as the Tribe continues to grow.