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"The SVZ's work in connecting us to mentors and fellow entrepreneurs was a huge opportunity that we're still leveraging to help us achieve our goals. I've also stayed in close touch and have a great opportunity to attend Caffeinated Innovators sessions virtually from here in Rwanda."

Hayley Mundeva, Founder

Founder: Hayley Mundeva

Website: (external link) 

ThriveHire is the career platform for the Global Health community. By profiling organizations, jobs, networking events, career resources and more, ThriveHire is a one-stop-shop for getting connected to Global Health opportunities.

Hayley Mundeva, Founder of ThriveHire, joined the SVZ ideation program and from there developed and launched her startup in 2018. In 2019 she was selected by British Council Canada to attend an Active Citizens program in Ukraine and represent Canada for her purposeful work with ThriveHire. 

60 employer organizations

$5500 raised