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"Out Of Bounds was established when we got to the SVZ, but our focus was on goal-setting, clarifying our elevator pitch, and governance of the company. The assistance we received in these critical areas allowed us to improve our performance."

Rev. Sky Starr, Founder

Founder: Rev. Sky Starr

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As one of the most traumatic transgressions against human beings (APA, 2014), gun violence has mushroomed in Toronto, claiming many young lives, leaving mothers, families, and communities crippled by demoralizing repercussions. Rev. Sky Starr, has customized a community-based crisis response, with models of care, which provide ongoing supports for victims and survivors of gun violence trauma; including funerals and burials, through Out Of Bounds: Grief Support (OOB).

OOB is a charitable organization, with a mandate to provide competent grief and traumatic supports, education, and empowerment to grieving and non-grieving persons and communities. Tend’n & Befriend’n is a subsidiary program from OOB, which confronts the traumatic psychological effects of gun violence and other traumas.

Amid these urgent, recurring social and mental health crises, OOB continues to Tend & Befriend, providing strategies through ongoing post care for the collateral damage of people’s tender psychological wounds. Although these are tragic situations, families feel comforted and supported during and after these traumatic occurrences. OOB has distinguished itself in research and service-provision through Tend’n & Befriend’n, which has the capacity for communal, provincial and global adaptation.