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Future Happens Here

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"Being part of the SVZ always meant having a place to connect with others. I knew that through a quick email to the SVZ team I can be connected to several people to support whatever I had going on."

Jenn Chan, Founder

Future Happens Here is a game designed to help facilitate conversations about systems thinking and designing the future. The game simulates a collaborative stakeholder engagement process. The game is simple. At its core, it is a card collecting game that leads to a collaborative writing exercise. The players are invited to suspend their existing assumptions, biases and roles to imagine alternative futures. The game builds skills in future-oriented planning, lateral thinking and systems change.

A new generation of systems thinking means potential for new solutions to old problems. Learning skills like future-oriented planning, lateral thinking and systems change should be accessible. 

Future Happens Here is a project of the Department of Imaginary Affairs. (external link, opens in new window)