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Field Streaming

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Founder: Henry G.


Field Streaming is changing the way music is played in businesses through innovative digital tools, and using this opportunity to promote local musicians while improve licensing compliance.

Everyone loves music streaming - including businesses. The streaming platforms many of us use to listen to music at home have made it easier for businesses to play music their customers love, but they have also made it harder to collect licensing fees, royalties and other income musicians receive when their music is used commercially.

After speaking with local businesses, we realized that they needed better incentives to switch music systems - compliance was just not enough to warrant the time and resources needed to change. We realized there was an opportunity to create better tools that would help businesses develop their branding, while paying local artists fairly for the commercial use of their music.

Field Streaming is developing solutions that help businesses grow through smart, automated music marketing tools. Field helps businesses automatically post playlists to social media, collect new mailing list signups or social media subscribers, and access analytics dashboards and recommendations for their soundtracks.

By providing strong value beyond compliance, we make a convincing argument for businesses to switch to a licensed platform - and, as a result, support local music stakeholders by providing better income opportunities.

By creating better background music tools for local businesses, Field organically encourages the use of licensed music services. This means fair royalty payments for artists, more funding for Canada’s music scenes and better exposure opportunities for local musicians and record labels.

Sustainable and well-supported music scenes benefit all of society - they stimulate our collective creativity, represent us on the global arts stage, and help train the next generations of musicians and music fans. By creating better music solutions for businesses, we help local musicians and local businesses achieve their goals.

Better music, made here.