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Green Story Launches Fashion Footprint Calculator With ThredUp

The SVZ Venture aggregated research and analyzed data to help build the tool.
January 21, 2020
A graphic with an illustration of a clothes rack and the title "How Dirty is Your Closet?"

Green Story has recently partnered with ThredUp to launch a Fashion Footprint Calculator (external link) . The tool helps customers learn about the impact behind their shopping and clothing care habits. It also educates consumers on the actions they can take to lower their carbon footprint and have more sustainable habits. After a year of conducting research and analyzing data on clothing chain supply cycles, Green Story built this tool with ThredUp to deliver an interactive and fun way for consumers to learn about their fashion footprint.

Green Story is being recognized as the research firm that supported the creation of this tool. The Fashion Footprint Calculator earned media attention from established publications like CNN Business (external link) , Fast Company (external link) , Bustle (external link) , and more. Actress Emma Watson even shared the tool in an Instagram post (external link) !

Bustle Headline, reads: "thredUP's Fashion Footprint Calculator Helps You Find Ways to Reduce Fashion Waste"
Emma Watson Instagram selfie
CNN Business Headline, reads: "This tool tells you how much your fashion habits hurt the environment"
Fast Company Headline, reads: "What's the carbon footprint of your closet? This handy tool will tell you"

Green Story is an environmental research startup that works with green companies to create visual widgets on their website that showcase the positive environmental impact behind each of their products, using research-backed data.