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Social Ventures Zone Coaches Awarded at The G. Raymond Chang Outstanding Volunteers Awards Night

Three SVZ coaches were recognized for their involvement with our zone and entrepreneurs!
June 28, 2019
The G. Raymond Chang Outstanding Volunteers Award Winners

Congratulations to coaches Sandra Odendahl, Andrew Moss, and Mark Barnes on being awarded at the G. Raymond Chang Outstanding Volunteers Awards Night! 

Sandra Odendahl with her award

Sandra Odendahl brought decades of environmental science and strategy experience to her coaching journey at The Social Ventures Zone and we thank her for the time she spent with us and the great knowledge she passed on to her mentees. 

Mark Barnes with his award

Mark Barnes specializes in providing core support to growth-oriented companies that seek to strengthen management capabilities, develop and implement proactive growth strategies, improve business processes, and to raise capital. 

Andrew Moss with his award

Andrew Moss works with our founders who need help in ideation clarity, leveraging strategies (financial, human, etc.) and talent development to maximize the contribution of those involved in the business. 

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