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At the Social Ventures Zone, we regularly partner with organizations from the community that want to create positive social change locally and globally.  We are happy to discuss how we can work with you to build opportunities for impactful engagement in the following areas:

Support of our incubator and programming

Whether it is our overall facility or the programming series we regularly offer, we welcome those who want to support the infrastructure that helps social ventures succeed. Interested in naming rights for part of our facility or our educational series? Happy to talk!

Investing directing in our social ventures

We welcome partnerships with social investors who are interested in directly supporting our ventures.  We are happy to introduce you to ventures that need support to scale and grow their impact.

Themed investments in key areas

Are you interested in encouraging innovation with respect to particular social issues?  Our ventures are addressing issues as diverse as mental health, local agriculture, the environment/sustainability and many others.  We’re happy to talk about how you can make a unique difference by encouraging innovation in an area that matters to you.

To discuss these and other opportunities, please contact us at