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In December 2022 the Student Guide website will be removed, to consolidate information and streamline your search results. This change will be implemented in a phased approach as content is relocated and links are updated. 

Your Student Record

How do I order my transcript? How do I change my personal information? How do I get proof that I have graduated? How do I ask for a special letter?

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ServiceHub is located in Podium 150 (next to the The Hub Cafe)


Your official Toronto Met transcript is a complete record of enrolment at Toronto Met including all undergraduate, graduate, law and continuing education courses and credits granted toward your program. 

Toronto Metropolitan University is pleased to partner with with MyCreds, external link, powered by Digitary, external link, opens in new window, a leading digital credential expert and platform for certifying, sharing and verifying academic credentials, to issue official transcripts in a secure digital format . These digital credentials (e-Transcripts) are certified and considered ‘official’ and can be shared securely with educational institutions, employers, immigration authorities and other third parties.

From your Student Center in RAMSS, you can order your official transcript to be issued via Digitary as well as view your unofficial transcript.

Changing your personal information

To make a change to your legal name, date of birth, gender, you must submit a PDF filePersonal Data Change Form, opens in new window, in person, with a photo ID (e.g. OneCard) plus at least one of the following documents (as indicated beside each reason) to support your identity and name. Original or certified true copies of documents must be provided:

  • Correction or an addition to your name and/or date of birth (Birth Certificate, Passport).
  • Name change by marriage (Marriage Certificate)
  • Return to maiden name (Birth Certificate)
  • Official name change (Change of Name Certificate)
    Name change requests for Alumni will only be processed for official name changes
  • Transitioning/gender identity and expression – without official name change (Student Records Statutory Declaration for Change of Name is required). For more information, please visit Transitioning at Toronto Met, opens in new window.

Follow the instructions on the Identity Management and Personal Info, opens in new window page to submit your PDF filePersonal Date Change Form, opens in new window and supporting documentation. There is no fee.

Initials: We will record all initials in your name with a period after the initial, in accordance with standard publishing practices.

To change your address, phone number, email address, login to RAMSS and go to your Student Center. You can change this information in the Personal Information section.

To change your Graduation Document name, follow the instructions on the Identity Management and Personal Info, opens in new window page to submit your PDF filePersonal Data Change Form, opens in new window and required documentation, by the deadline date for your Convocation that is published in the current calendar. Your name, as it appears on your student record, is the name that will appear on your graduation award document. (see note about Initials, above)

Degree verification

Toronto Met offers an online Degree Verification Service, opens in new window which confirms that you have been awarded a graduate degree, undergraduate degree or certificate.

Request a letter

Upon request, Toronto Met can provide you or a third party with an official letter confirming your enrolment status, graduation status, or other academic information. You can request and pay for most of the following letters in RAMSS using the "Request a letter, opens in new window" link.

There are several different types of letters. Fees and processing times vary:

  • Proof of Enrolment Letter – Verifies that you are or were enrolled in a program.
  • Proof of Enrolment Letter for Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)
  • Eligibility to Graduate Letter – Verifies that you have met all of your graduation requirements for your program although you have not yet officially graduated. You should only request this letter if you are in your final year or term of study, and you have applied/ will be applying to graduate.
  • Jury Duty Letter – Verifies that you are a student, for exemption from jury duty. Please provide your Notification of Jury Duty.
  • QECO Letter (Qualification Evaluation Council of Ontario)
  • Transfer Credit Equivalency Letter – Identifies course(s) from other institutions that were used to grant credit towards a Toronto Met program or certificate.
  • Confirmation of Graduation Status Letter – Verifies that you have officially graduated including years of attendance, year of graduation, degree/diploma/ certificate and program. (See also Degree Verification Service, above)
  • Certified Photocopy of Award Document – Bring your original graduation document and a photocopy to ServiceHub, Room POD-150 in the Podium. Service available in person only.
  • Confirmation of Enrolment Form – Verifies your enrolment and other information as outlined on the form. Most often requires the signature or stamp of the Registrar.

Retrieving copies of past curriculum advising letters

All standardized communication (email messages and/or letters) you have received from the Curriculum Advising Unit or Transfer Credit Unit, can be found on your Student Centre via RAMSS. When you are in your Student Centre, scroll down to view the last bar/box on the right hand side of your Student Centre home page. It has the title "Communications". Choose the sub-title View My Communications. The communications available for you to view and print are listed here. Choose VIEW to see the communication that was sent to you. You can print a copy from here.

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