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Money Matters

How are my fees calculated? How and when do I have to pay? How do I get a refund? What about tax receipts?

You are responsible for paying your tuition fees, library fines, fees for services, University loans, and costs incurred for damage to, or loss of, University property.

If you do not pay your fees and costs, Ryerson may:

  • cancel your Offer of Admission,
  • prevent you from enrolling, and
  • withhold grades and official university documentation such as official transcripts and graduation award documents.

Ryerson cannot be held responsible for debts incurred by individual students or student organizations.

Ryerson University reserves the right to change both the fees and the procedures given in this section of the Student Guide without notice.

Each year in April, the Board of Governors, opens in new window reviews and approves the fees charged by Ryerson. The Undergraduate Calendar, opens in new window contains the official policy on fees.

Mattamy Athletic Centre , external link, opens in new window

In addition to tuition and ancillary fees, fees are charged for activities at Ryerson such as Athletics and Recreation.

Fees assessment

Ryerson assesses your fees each term for the number of enrolled courses and their respective billing units based on your program and according to University policy.

You are responsible for reviewing your charges and payments, available through It is a good idea to review your account each time you change your enrolments, including your updated balance and payment due dates. You are academically and financially responsible for all courses in which you have enrolled unless you withdraw by the correct deadline (see Significant Dates, opens in new window).

If you are a returning student and have not gone through the Course Intention process, please read Enrolment, Records and Academic Information.

Payment schedule

Full-time and Part-time Program Students: Fall 2021 tuition fees will be available in August and Winter 2022 tuition fees will be available the week of September 20, 2021, based on course intentions and enrolments.

Full-Time and Part-Time program students must pay the total Fall 2021 fees by September 17, 2021 and the total Winter 2022 fees by January 28, 2022.

You can make the choice - pay your full-year tuition up front, or pay in two installments. However, we encourage you to pay your full-year tuition in September to avoid missing the January deadline.

Chang School courses: Full-time Program students should be aware that any course(s) they enrol in through the Chang School will be assessed Chang School course fees over and above their program fees. Chang School fees are due at enrolment and have different refund deadlines. Please review the Chang School website before enrolment to review the fees and deadlines associated with enrolling in these courses.

Course Audit Students: The fee to audit a course is $407.64 for professional programs (Accounting & Finance, Architectural Science, Business Management, Business Technology Management, Computer Science, Engineering, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Retail Management) and $377.43 for all other programs.

Fees payable

Course Load Ranges for Full-Time Programs: The fees in the fee tables, opens in new window are based on units and are dependent on the number of course hours enrolled each term. If your course load varies between terms, we will calculate your fees accordingly.

If you have participated in the course intention process and have decided not to return, you must let Enrolment Services and Student Fees know by completing a short term or permanent withdrawal form. Otherwise, you will remain academically and financially responsible for all course classes and fees. (see Program Withdrawal)

What other fees will I have to pay? Non-tuition ancillary fees are charged for activities at Ryerson such as Athletics and Recreation and RSU or CESAR.

Compulsory fees are charged for the following Ryerson services: Academic Support, Athletics and Recreation, Campus Safety, Career Services, Health and Wellness, and Student Buildings.

See Ancillary Fee Descriptions for full descriptions of all ancillary fees. Visit the Ancillary Fee Descriptions page on the Current Student site for more information.

Also, program/course fees are charged for things such as equipment you keep when the course is over, or field trips. See Program/Course Fees, opens in new window.

Re-instated/Re-admitted/Transfer Students: If you owe a previous unpaid debt to Ryerson, your payment is applied first to that debt and then to your current balance.

What happens to my fees when I add or drop classes?

Your fees may change if:

Payment methods

Fees are due and payable by the start of classes (see payment schedule, above).

You must pay your tuition and residence fees via your financial institution (that is, using online banking, telephone banking or by visiting your local branch) You can set up Ryerson as a bill payment and you will use your Ryerson Student ID number as your account number.

International Students can use Western Union Business Solutions. International students may make a credit card payment online via Western Union GlobalPay for Students, external link, opens in new window.

Requesting Fees Deducted from Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) or Out-of-Province Assistance:

You have the opportunity to choose to have your financial aid directed to Ryerson when you apply for Student Financial Assistance. It is important to understand that you are still responsible for reviewing your RAMSS account and paying any late fees which result in a delayed pay out of your funding. If the financial aid does not cover all fees charged, you are responsible for paying the balance. The university paused the application of late fees on outstanding balances starting in May and will notify students when it expects to resume assessing them.

For more information, please contact the Student Financial Assistance Office. You are reminded that the application/ eligibility for receiving of financial assistance is not a valid reason for not paying your fees in full and on-time, as per University deadlines.

Late Fee Service Charges:

There is a late fee service charge of 1.25% per month, (16.08% effective annual rate) on any unpaid balance in your account.

Requesting that Ryerson invoice a sponsoring agency:

Students who are sponsored by a third party agency and are requesting that Ryerson invoice the agency directly should contact the ServiceHub. Your sponsoring organization must provide the appropriate financial guarantee. If you have any questions about these arrangements, contact These arrangements are approved at the discretion of Ryerson.

Fee refunds

Official Withdrawal: If you officially withdraw from your program within the deadline dates (see Refund Schedule, opens in new window) you will get any applicable refund mailed to the address listed on your RAMSS account within 30 days. See also Program Withdrawal.

Class Drops: If you drop classes within the deadline dates (see Refund Schedule, opens in new window) you will see the applicable changes made to your RAMSS account. For questions about the amount, you may contact the ServiceHub.

How do I get my refund? Students can request a refund online, opens in new window from the Student Fees section of their Student Center in RAMSS.

  • Refunds will be assessed within 15 business days. 
  • Students requesting a refund, who have received OSAP funding, bursaries or other awards will have their credit balance(s) assessed by the Student Financial Assistance Office to confirm refund eligibility.  
  • Payments made by credit card online will be  refunded back to the original credit card. Credit card payments made in person at the ServiceHub and all other forms of payment will be refunded through Interac e-Transfer. 

Income Tax Receipts

Tax receipts are available online at Ryerson's Administrative Management Self Service (RAMSS) usually during the third week in February each year for the previous calendar year (January to December).

A T2202A (Tuition, Education & Textbook Amounts Certificate) is an official statement for income tax purposes of the tuition and fees paid for qualifying courses (over $100) that are eligible for claim on the income tax return.

A T4A (Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income) is an official statement for income tax purposes of scholarships, bursaries, awards or other income as defined by CRA that were provided by Ryerson to a student.

Students can choose to receive their T4A through the mail by opting out online through RAMSS before January 31 each year.

Need help filing your taxes? Contact the RSU Tax Clinic for full-time undergraduate program students and the CESAR Tax Clinic for part-time undergraduate program students.

Service Fees

The Board of Governors reviews, approves and updates the administrative charges each spring.

Additional charges will apply for faxing services. Rates depend on service and destination (for example, out-of-province, international).

Services  2020-2021 Rate
Test of English Proficiency (RTEP) -
Challenge Credits $175
Letter of Permission $40
Late Fees (per month) 1.25% per month
16.08% effective annual rate
no maximum
Max Tuition Deposit undergraduate $600
Max Tuition Deposit graduate* $500/$1000
Tuition deposit ‐ non refundable portion (cancellation fee)  ‐ undergraduate ** $500
Tuition deposit ‐ non refundable portion (cancellation fee)  ‐ graduate* $500
Transcript (Digital) $18
Transcript (Paper) $20
Replacement / management of Graduation Document $70
ID Card ‐ initial issuance for CE $35
ID Card Replacement $35
NSF Cheque/Credit Card Rejections $50
Unreturned convocation gowns/hoods $200
Addition to Registration Record $100
Late Request for Graduation Audit $30
Redeemable Failure Examination (supplemental exam) $50
Grad Studies Application Fee $110
Grad Studies Application Fee ‐ MBA $150
Convocation Cost Recovery $55
Late Application to Graduate $50
Late Application for Transfer Credit $50
FCAD Portfolio Assessment Fee $50
Architectural Science Portfolio Assessment Fee $50
Evaluation/Application Fee: (domestic and international) $90
Ryerson Application Fee (current students changing programs) $90
Ryerson Application Fee (International) $150
The Common Application Fee (International Students in USA) $100 USD
Other Special Letters (to employers, etc.) *** various

* The graduate deposit fee is $500 for all students except the MBA program ($1,000) & Computer Networks ($1,000). Deposit fee for PT graduate students is $250. MTCU policy allows the greater of $500, or 10% of the fee and the non refundable portion for graduate students is $500.

** Ministry approved maximum non‐refundable deposit for new and returning undergraduate students is $500

*** Cost recovery for other special letters (except graduation eligibility letters for which recoveries were eliminated by MTCU policies).

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