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Wellbeing Workshops

Helping students succeed

At Health Promotion Programs we believe that Healthy Students Make Better Learners. Our work positions students to be better prepared when challenges occur so as to reduce the extent to which your academics are negatively impacted.  Transitioning into postsecondary education is a major life event which can be challenging especially for young adults who also have to navigate issues for personal growth, new found independence and autonomy (Dyson and Renk, 2006 & Berzonsky and Kuk 2000). These changes can lead to challenges that trigger underlying mental health issues and result in underperformance, failure or dropping out. 

How Health Promotion Programs can prepare students

Building student capacity to recognize when they are struggling, troubleshooting solutions and getting help; will not only build your resilience and confidence; it will also hopefully increase health seeking behaviours proper to crises occurring. 

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Workshop Date Capacity
Social Media & Mental Health 
Students will learn:

  • How to Positively Interact with Social Media
  • Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media (Body Image & Mental Health)
  •  How to Reduce Social Media Use

Wednesday March 9th at 11AM & Thursday March 24th at 1PM

20 students 

Social Isolation & Loneliness 
Students will learn:

  • What social isolation, loneliness, and social anxiety are
  • Recognizing signs of loneliness
  • Loneliness During the Pandemic 
  • Strategies to combat isolation and loneliness 
Wednesday March 9th at 1PM & Wednesday March 23rd at 1PM 20 students

Exam Prep ("Pre & Post Exam Period Tips” “Dealing with Academic Uncertainties")
Students will learn:

  • Exam Prep ‘How To’s’
  • How to deal with failing a course
  • How to deal with academic probation
  • Past Date: Wednesday February 10th & 16th at 1PM

Thursday March 10th at 1PM & Wednesday March 23rd at 11AM

20 students

Bi-Weekly Drop-In Sessions for The Chang School of Continuing Education Students + All Other Students

All students are welcome to drop-in to address any concern(s), receive additional support, figure out resources in and outside campus, and/or build connections with the Student Health Assistance & Resilience Peer Program (SHARPP) Team. The SHARPP team can can schedule ongoing appointments for students to learn and build a sense of community on campus.

Bi-weekly from January - April 2022

Past Drop-In Sessions: February 2nd, February 16th, and March 2th

Upcoming Drop-In Session: March 16 and March 30th

Time: 3-4pm