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Research & Publications

A selection of recent publications

Elton, S. (2021). Intimate ecosystems: The microbiome and the ecological determinants of health., external link, opens in new window Canadian Journal of Public Health, 112, 1004–1007., external link

Elton, S. (2021). Relational health: Theorizing plants as health-supporting actors., external link Social Science & Medicine, 281, 114083.

Elton, S. (2021). Is the ‘obesity crisis’ really the health crisis of the food system? The ecological determinants of health for food system change., external link Canadian Food Studies / La Revue Canadienne Des Études Sur l’alimentation, 8(1), Article 1.

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Elton, S. (2019). Posthumanism Invited to Dinner: Exploring the Potential of a More-Than-Human Perspective in Food Studies., external link Gastronomica: The Journal of Critical Food Studies, 19(2), 6–15.

Elton, S. (2018). Reconsidering the retail foodscape from a posthumanist and ecological determinants of health perspective: Wading out of the food swamp., external link Critical Public Health, 1–9.
, external link