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Social Justice Week 2021

Social Justice Week 2021

Waves of Change
October 25 - 29, 2021 | X University

Social Justice Week 2021 examines the waves of change that have touched communities locally and nationally. From new opportunities for solidarity to challenges and setbacks during successive waves of the COVID crisis, this year’s events spotlight the ways in which movements and groups have mobilized to navigate the ebbs and flows of progress. Each event invites listeners and participants to reflect on how communities can break down, and overcome, the deep-seated structural inequalities that threaten our collective capacities and potential.

Organized as a series of live events and podcasts, Social Justice Week 2021 is designed to raise awareness and inspire further action. Podcasts will be aired on SoundCloud and on campus radio: CJRU 1280AM. Events and podcasts include captioning and ASL interpretation.

Monday, October 25th

Tuesday, October 26th

Wednesday, October 27th

Thursday, October 28th

Friday, October 29th

Thank You to Toronto Sign Language Interpreter Service for providing ASL interpretation at all Social Justice Week events for the past five years.