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Generations of Resistance

October 30, 2019
10:00 AM EDT - 11:30 AM EDT
CUI 317, 44 Gerrard Street East

Event description

Toronto has a strong and powerful history of resistance and advocacy. In this event organized by the Ryerson Students’ Union, we explore how activism is a lifelong process, one that requires dedication, a firm belief, and genuine hope that social transformation is possible. Community-based activists will discuss various Toronto-specific events that have inspired mobilizations, including bathhouse raids, summer of the gun, etc. with the hope of sharing activist knowledge, strategies and tools for resistance across generations. We encourage all those wishing to learn from an intergenerational activist community to come prepared with questions and an open mindset. Organizing experience is not needed but is encouraged.

Speaker bios

Monica Forrester is the Executive Director and Founder of Trans Pride Toronto.

Aisha Addo is the Founder of Power to Girls Foundation.

Vanessa Henry is the President of the Ryerson Students' Union.

Hela Bakhtari is the Assistant to the President of Ryerson Students' Union.