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Welcome to the website for the Moradi research group at Ryerson University. Our research and teaching are related to the analysis, design, and performance-based assessment of structures. We develop innovative solutions using new structural systems and materials for protecting buildings and bridges from damage under natural hazards and extreme loading. This research leads to enhancing the resilience and sustainability of urban areas. 

Specific research topics of interest are

  • Seismic response, fragility, and performance-based life-cycle assessment of structures
  • Earthquake-resistant steel buildings with self-centring systems/materials, including controlled-rocking steel braced frames, steel moment frames with post-tensioned beam-column connections, steel frames equipped with smart materials, Shape Memory Alloys.
  • Design evaluation of buckling-restrained steel braced frame
  • Finite element simulation and development of high-fidelity computer models
  • Multi-criteria optimization, sensitivity analysis, and surrogate model development using statistical design of experiment.
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