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How to Apply

Welcome prospective students. To fully understand the admissions process, please follow the links provided below. The specifics of the portfolio and other non-academic requirements are found in the admissions website. Although academic performance is a good indicator of your preparedness for the program, it is through the non-academic requirements for admission that we look at your creative abilities as well as your skills in communicating through the written word and through drawing. During the process of admission, we also probe your awareness of the profession of interior design.

At SID we offer an accredited professional degree program that immerses students in interior design from the moment they start in the fall.  For this reason, we want to ensure that there is a good match between your background and the skill set necessary to succeed in the program.

Prospective students should follow the links below to connect with Toronto Met's official application pages:

  1. Admission Overview, opens in new window - Basis of admission, special guidelines, different types of application processes
  2. Application Process, opens in new window - How to apply, the OUAC application process
  3. Interior Design Specific Requirements, opens in new window - Academic requirements and Non-academic requirements, (including instructions for portfolio submission through the SlideRoom portal).

For application-related inquiries, you may contact