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RSID - Monica Polo

Monica Polo

Design Centre Resource Specialist

Prior to graduating from SID in 2002, Monica had already realized that design is where she needed to be. Her internships early on in the program allowed her to enter the practice with experience in corporate planning. Progressing from a corporate environment to a smaller dynamic firm, Monica worked on many projects in the downtown core of Toronto. Throughout this time, environmental and sustainable solutions were a major component of her design philosophy. As a LEED certified professional, she joins SID as a practitioner link to academia within the Design Centre. Her mission is to bridge the gap between school and practice by engaging industry with the students, reinforcing the green agenda within practice and continuing to instill the beauty of finely presented working drawings. 

Monica manages the design centre but she's also responsible for a whole slew of other things, including Charettes, Lunch & Learn series and many more.

Sample issues and questions for her are as follows:

  • Material donations for the resource centre
  • Mini projects (residential, commercial, not-for-profit, etc)
  • Potential partnerships / scholarships for students
  • Printing