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Begin by Listening Forum

Poster with the title Call for Submissions Begin by Listening: Sexual Violence Student Activism Forum.

Consent Comes First is excited to hold the second annual Begin by Listening: Sexual Violence Student Research, Art, Activism and Advocacy Forum to be held in person at TMU on October 28, 2022. 

This conference will feature outstanding TMUU student (graduate and undergraduate) research, art, activism and advocacy on sexual violence and consent culture. 

Call For Submissions for Begin by Listening: TMU Student Research, Art & Advocacy Forum on Ending Sexual Violence

Toronto Metropolitan University invites students to submit research, art, and media created by students to address and prevent sexual violence. Submissions are due by September 15. If selected, you will present at the Begin by Listening: TMU Student Research, Art & Advocacy Forum on Ending Sexual Violence.

Begin by Listening Forum will feature outstanding Toronto Metropolitan University students, and work, including research (graduate and undergraduate) on sexual violence and consent culture. We invite students from across Ontario to submit a workshop, talk, paper, performance, art, new media, poetry, fashion, dance, video or design piece relating to sexual violence. We encourage students from all disciplines to submit content that examines any aspect of this issue, including but not limited to: 

  • Healing justice
  • Prevention and intervention practices
  • Cultural representations of violence 
  • Rape culture
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Criminal justice responses to sexual violence
  • Child sexual abuse, partner abuse, family violence, elder abuse 
  • LGBTQ2S experience of sexual violence
  • Sexual violence and racism
  • The impact of trauma
  • Multi-generational trauma and healing 
  • Transformative and restorative justice
  • Disability and sexual violence   
  • Gender and sexual violence (i.e., toxic masculinity, gender normativity)
  • Sexual violence and settler colonialism
  • Impacts of sexual violence on Indigenous communities 
  • Consent culture and the media 
  • State-sanctioned sexual violence 


The student submitting the work must:

  • Be a student who is currently enrolled or recently graduated from TMU
  • The work must have been created while attending the above institution (i.e., Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall).
  • Only one submission per student is allowed.
  • Submit 300-word abstract about the research or art piece or workshop
  • Be available to present in person at TMU in October 

Students whose successful submissions will be asked to sit on a panel, display their work or perform at Begin by Listening: TMU Student Research, Art & Advocacy on  Sexual & Consent Culture Forum on October 28, 2022. They will be provided with an honorarium of $200. Of the papers and creative works selected for the f one will be chosen as the winner of Begin By Listening: TMU Student Research, Art & Advocacy on  Sexual & Consent Culture Student Award. This forum will be open to the general public. We hope to attract a wide range of attendees to hear and learn from the research presentations. 


Please apply by September 15, 2022. All candidates will be notified by September 20 about their submissions. If you have questions about the award, eligibility, or the forum, please email

Event Hosted by: Toronto Metropolitan University

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