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Healing from Cultural Betrayal Sexual Trauma Through Institutional Courage: We Deserve Healing Not Harm Speaker Series

November 22, 2022
1:00 PM EST - 2:30 AM EST
Open To
General Public
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Healing from Cultural Betrayal Sexual Trauma Through Institutional Courage: We Deserve Healing Not Harm Speaker Series with Jennifer M. Gómez, Ph.D.,

Created by Professor Jennifer M. Gómez from Black feminist, critical race, and American perspectives, cultural betrayal trauma theory (CBTT) details how the context of inequality creates a cultural betrayal harm in violence perpetrated within racialized communities. Join Professor Gómez as she discusses how her research with CBTT has uncovered modes of both harm and healing for Black women survivors. Through previewing excerpts from her upcoming book on Black feminist approaches to individual, interpersonal, and structural healing from cultural betrayal sexual trauma (Publisher: American Psychological Association; Expected Publication Date: Summer 2023), this talk will explore strategies for collective change that benefits racialized survivors.

Website: Twitter: @JenniferMGmez1

Suggested Readings

  • Gómez, J. M. (2019, May 13). The unique harm of sexual abuse in the Black community. The Conversation.
  • Gómez, J. M., & Gobin, R. L. (2020). Black women and girls #MeToo: Rape, cultural betrayal, & healing. Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 82, 1-12.

We Deserve Healing Not Harm is a speaker series focused on the ongoing widespread criminalization and punishment of survivors of gender-based violence. This series is an opportunity to unpack, explore paths for change and generate collective action. Through speakers, panels, resource sharing, and calls to action we explore ways to recognize and challenge the intersecting systems that target and harm survivors.

Organizers: Consent Comes First (Toronto Metropolitan University), Consent is Golden, Wilfrid Laurier University, and Carleton University Sexual Assault Support Centre as we work towards systems that heal rather than harm.


Jennifer M. Gómez, Ph.D., Board Member and Chair of the Research Advisory Committee at the Center for Institutional Courage, is an Assistant Professor at Boston University School of Social Work and Center for Innovation in Social Work & Health. As a Black feminist researcher and race scholar, her primary research focus is cultural betrayal trauma theory (CBTT), which she created as a framework for understanding the mental, behavioural, cultural, and physical health impact of within-group violence on Black and other marginalized youth, young adults, and elders within the context of inequality. As a 2021-22 Fellow at the Stanford University Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS), Dr. Gómez wrote her first book regarding a Black feminist approach to individual, interpersonal, and structural healing from cultural betrayal sexual trauma (Publisher: American Psychological Association; Anticipated Publication Date: Summer 2023). Her work has been recognized in the U.S. by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), Ford Foundation, and Michigan Center for Urban African American Aging Research (MCUAAAR). She was a plenary speaker at the 2022 Canadian Psychological Association Annual Conference. Moreover, Dr. Gómez has published over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, scholarly writings, professional development documents, and pieces for the general public. She has also provided research perspectives on violence, sexual abuse and harassment, racism, and sexism in U.S. news outlets, including in The Lily—a product of Washington Post, NBC News, HuffPost, Newsweek, and Forbes. Dr. Gómez’ ultimate goal for her work is to promote equity, equality, and healing for individuals, families, communities, institutions, and society.


Twitter: @JenniferMGmez1

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