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Academic Accommodation of Students with Disabilities - Policy 159

This Policy establishes the guiding principles, conditions, and expectations surrounding the request for and provision of academic accommodations for students with disabilities.  The policy aligns with the university‚Äôs values which can be found in the 2020-2025 Academic plan.  

The policy emphasizes awareness in addressing the barriers that some students face, including ableism, in the learning environment and encourages collaboration and shared responsibility in the accommodation process. 

Clarification is provided on roles and responsibilities for all involved in the provision of accommodation plans and includes procedures for the resolution of disagreements and guidelines for the consideration of requests for retroactive accommodations.

The University is committed to educating students, faculty and staff about the requirements to accommodate students with disabilities, the provisions of the Code and AODA, and the resources available to provide additional information and guidance.

For more information please contact Academic Accommodation Support (AAS) services or email