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Dr. Young Lee

Dr. Young Lee PhD, MIPEM

Medical Physicist
EducationOdette Cancer Centre, Sunnybrook Hospital
Areas of ExpertiseMedical Physicist & Assistant Professor at the Department of Radiation Oncology, UofT
Describe your field of study/work

I am a medical physicist working at a large cancer centre. I am currently the central nervous system (CNS) site group lead, managing a team of medical physicists on a variety of projects including clinical support and research. Basically, I work in treating cancers that arise in the brain and spine using external-beam photon and gamma-ray radiation. I work closely with doctors, therapists, other scientists and engineers.

Why are you excited about Soapbox Science?

I think it is important to open the field of science, whether it is practiced in the medical field, studied theoretically or applied in the engineering world, so that everyone can relate and enjoy it! Higher exposure to the general public in terms of what scientists are doing, such as the ones created by Soapbox Science, can create a larger momentum of interest and excitement in young persons about scientific studies and careers.